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navigating in Arctic region and freezing seas

Sailing in Polar waters as well as in freezing seas impose additional navigational demands beyond those normally encountered. Thick ice, broken or solid ice fields, will imped normal operation of the ship.

Our goal is safe and cost-effective operation whilst individual sailing as well as in case of interaction with icebrakers and ice convoys

Our pilots possess all necessary experience and knowledge required for safe navigation in heavy ice, as well as confirmed skills as merchant marine captains on board of wide variety of ships of different type and size .



Northen Sea Route Administration official web site

approval and accreditation

   In 2018 we obtained approval and have been accredited by Federal state Institution “The Northern Sea Route Administration” as official ice service provider. At the same time we've been enlisted in their official web site.

Object of activity and functions of Federal state Institution “The Northern Sea Route Administration” :
    “The Northern Sea Route Administration” was established according to:
- the Order of the Government of Russian Federation № 358-p (March,15,2013),
- Federal law act № 81 (April,30,1999) p.3 art. 5.1
- “The merchant shipping code of Russian Federation ”,
    to organize navigation in the water area of the Northern sea route.

knowledge refreshment and upgrading

In addition to wide daily work experience our ice advisors keep knowledge up-to-date by participating in refreshment courses in full accordance with "IMO Polar Code" and all other relevant IMO requirements.

Our refreshment courses are arranged by "Professional Development Programmes Institute" as a subdivision of "Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping" - the world leader of the shipping industry personnel education and training in the Russian Federation.


new strategy

Transiting via Northern sea route saves time and therefore resources. Time gain can reach as much as two weeks.

Planning and consulting


Before sailing

Sailing in heavy ice at low temperatures requires topmost attention to vessel's and crew being ready and familiar.
Безопасность плавания во льдах ?

помощь капитанам - наша профессия

   Наши ледовые лоцманы предоставляют помощь капитанам судов при плавании в суровых условиях Севморпути, уделяя первостепенное внимание выбору оптимального маршрута, соблюдению международных и национальных правил.

   Ледовый лоцман поднимется на борт Вашего судна в любом порту планеты. Даже если судно находится в транзите !

Proposed solution - our knowledge and experience !

Trends and forecasts indicate that polar shipping will grow in volume and diversify in nature over the coming years.

Meanwhile, navigating in ice-covered waters is a challenge that needs to be addressed through experience, skills and knowledge. Over the years we accumulate experience and skills of transiting frozen waters. These functions your captains will have to perform very rarely and a great addition to the required by IMO and Polar Code training will be cooperation with experienced ice advisers on board of your ships.


Legislation and regulations

International and national legislation, Rules of navigation in the water area of the Northern Sea Route by administration impose strict requirements for the organization of navigation in ice conditions.
All of them should be well known to and closely followed by ship's command and ship's operators.

We offer our support in this matter.

Planning and analysis

The current and forecasted condition, type and age of the ice fields, recommendations of the icebreakers' captains whilst individual sailing or as a part of ice convoy , communication means, availability of current and forecasted information, state of the ship and a variety of other objective and subjective factors must be considered in route planning. And much more...

We offer our support in this matter.

Ship and crew preparedness

Low temperatures may reduce the effectiveness of numerous components of the ship, ranging from deck machinery and emergency equipment to sea suctions. Therefore special attention should be paid to ship and crew preparedness for operation in extreme Arctic.

We offer our support in this matter.

Our partners

We proudly present our valued partners - the leaders of world shipping industry


Meet our team !

Our team consists of 36 ice advisors possessing advanced skills and experience in ice transit via Northern sea route and in the Baltic sea.


Managing Director

Capt. Alexander V. Timofeev

Senior pilot.
General management of the company, interaction with partners.


Deputy CEO

Capt. Gizatulla G. Arslanov

Senior pilot.
In charge of safe navigation measures implementation.


Program coordinator

Capt. Alexander V. Potapov

Senior pilot.
Daily support and interaction with on-scene ice advisors.


Stuff coordinator

Natalia Gnedova

Her extensive experience enable us to respond quickly and efficiently to all demands of our partners.

Company facts

"Arctic Pilots " is a structural subdivision of LLC " SPB PILOT " and traces its history since the establishment of the company.

Shiphandling in freezing waters

Since the port of St. Petersburg is freezing, along with company formation our pilots commenced individual ship handling in icy waters as well as interaction in ice convoys.

29 Oct 2009

ice advisors in the Baltic sea

Since the winter ice campaign in 2009-2010, LLC «SPB PILOT» has expanded ice advisors service to the Baltic sea and the Gulf of Bothnia.

1 Dec 2009

Artic ice advisors service commencement

In September, 2018 successful transit of the m/v "Venta Maersk" via Northern sea route has been carried out with assistance of our on-board ice advisors team en-route Busan (South Korea) - Bremerhaven (Germany) - St. Petersburg (Russia).

26 Aug 2018

company foundation

Pilot service provider LLC " SPB PILOT " had been established on October 29, 2009

29 Oct 2009

Company certification

In 2012 LLC «SPB PILOT» had been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 by «Russian Maritime Register of Shipping».

12 May 2012

"Arctic Pilots" as subdivision of LLC «SPB PILOT»

Being accreditated by the “The Northern Sea Route Administration” as official ice advisors service provider, LLC "SPB PILOT" established "Arctic Pilots" subdivision.

10 Aug 2018

ISO 9001:2015 certification renewal

In September, 2018 as a result of external audit the company was successfully re-certified by the "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping" for compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2015 .

28 Sept 2018

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Our ice advisors team can join and leave your ship at any port of your choice. Even in transit !

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Ph./ fax: +7 (812) 680-30-59
Ph./ fax: +7 (812) 680-30-59
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   Our ice advisors team can join and leave your ship at any port of your choice. Even in transit !